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When a Firefox Hello user sends you an invitation, you can join from any WebRTC-supported browser like Firefox, Chrome or Opera without creating an account.

  1. Click on the link in the invitation you've received.
  2. Click on Join the conversation.
    join conversation 45
  3. Follow the prompts to allow Firefox to access your webcam or microphone if you'd like to use video and voice chat. Text chat is also available.
    share devices hello
  4. Your friend will receive a notification that you've joined. When your friend joins, you will see the page being shared.
  5. Use the privacy controls webrtc privacy to turn off your camera or mute your microphone as needed.
  6. To end the conversation, click the exit button hello hang up 35.
Camera or microphone access: If Firefox Hello cannot access your camera or microphone, see the article Firefox Hello can't access my camera or microphone.

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