Installing Firefox for Android on an Amazon Kindle Fire

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Mozilla does not officially support Firefox or any test version of Firefox on Kindle devices. If you experience issues with Firefox on your Kindle, please contact Amazon support.

Firefox for Android is currently not available for download from the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices. Since the Kindle Fire uses Android as its underlying operating system, there is a way to install the test version Firefox for Android on these devices directly from Mozilla, but it is not subject to ongoing support from Mozilla.

To do this, you should install the experimental Nightly edition of Firefox for Android. This is a pre-release version of Firefox, therefore it may contain some unresolved issues, but it will allow you to get updates to Firefox for Android on your Kindle Fire device as well as see new Firefox for Android features before they are finally released.

On your Kindle Fire device:

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Select the Applications option.
  3. Change Apps from Unknown Sources to On (a warning should be displayed. Please read this before continuing).
  4. In the existing browser on the device, go to
  5. Tap on the download button on the page to download the application file for Nightly. Different versions of the Kindle Fire use different processors that will require different versions of Nightly. If you find that one version of the file does not install, please repeat this process with the second file that is available.
  6. Open the downloaded file in a file manager application on your device. The file should be found in a Downloads folder.
  7. Firefox for Android (Nightly) will then install and advise you of updates as they become available.
  8. Once installed, you may wish to go back into the file manager application on your device and delete the downloaded file to save space. You may also need to do this after any updates.

If you experience an unresolved issue in this version of Firefox for Android, you can report it to us. Mozilla uses Bugzilla to report and fix issues. If you already have or would not mind to create a Bugzilla account, you can file the bug directly here.

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