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How can I give feedback and improve the mentoring process?

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We've done some great work, but we need your help! Here's how you can give feedback and improve the mentoring process.

Participate in surveys

The Webmaker Mentor community is always innovating and changing, which is why we've put together a couple of surveys that can help us determine the direction we go in next. If you would like to share your thoughts on being a Webmaker Mentor, use the Webmaker Mentor Survey. If you have thoughts about or any of the Webmaker tools, fill out our more product oriented survey.

Give General Feedback

We're eager to make our resources better! How can we improve the teaching templates (see below)? What kinds of teaching resources do *you* most want? What services do you wish we offered? Get in touch and tell us your thoughts! You can…

Attend Events

A fun and inspiring way to give feedback and improve the mentoring process is to tell us in person what you think. Help start the discussion you want to have by coming to a Webmaker event. Check out the Events page to see when something is happening near you.

Create your own teaching kit

The teaching kits are full of activities and resources to help you facilitate learning sessions with a focus on webmaking. You'll find everything you need, from a pedagogical overview to tips on assessing participants' progress. Remixing them is a good way to explore teaching digital skills, but it also helps the community make these resources better by helping us understand how people are using them.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Last Update: 2015-03-03

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