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IdeaScale is a forum that lets the Mozilla community brainstorm and innovate together, Its privacy notice is here.

What data do you receive from my account?

Anyone can create an IdeaScale account. You have two options:

  • Login with a Mozilla SSO account (for authenticated Mozillians only)
  • Create an account directly with IdeaScale

Required Account Data

  • Name
    • If you are logging in with a Mozilla SSO account, IdeaScale will use the name associated with your SSO email address.
  • Email
    • IdeaScale will use your email as your default username.

Optional Account Data

  • Profile photo or avatar.
    • By default IdeaScale will display Gravatar images associated with your email addresses, images provided by your SSO provider or images uploaded by you. IdeaScale also provides a set of default avatar images you can choose to use, if you would like.


Your account is publicly associated with your posts and likes. However, you can choose to hide your identity from the publicly available pages by updating your profile. ideascale profiles

How do I access my account data?

You can access your account at

How do I update my account data?

You can update your account at

  1. From the login page, follow these steps:
  2. Click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Profile from the menu.
Note: if you are logging in with a Mozilla SSO account certain information may not be editable since it originates from Mozilla’s credential system.

How do I delete my account data?

If you can make a correction to your information or request deletion by completing our Data Subject Access Requests form or emailing

  • Completed deletions will remove all required and optional account data. Note:
  • All IdeaScale contributions are retained, so they can continue to be used by the broader community.

Your publicly displayed email address/display name will be changed to “forgotten member”.

How long do you keep my account data?

We keep it for as long as your account is open, unless you choose to delete it.

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