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Smart keywords are an easy way to search specific websites from the Firefox address bar. Instead of going to the targeted website and navigating to their search, you can start your site-specific search from any site using the address bar.

For example, suppose you search The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) regularly. You can define a smart keyword such as "imdb", then you can search IMDB for information. For example, to search William Shatner, you would enter "imdb William Shatner" in the address bar.


Add a smart keyword for search

  1. Visit the website that has the search you want to use and click on the search field.
  2. Right-clickHold down the control key while you click to open the Context Menu.
  3. Select Add a Keyword for this Search....
  4. The Add Bookmark dialog box appears. You can edit the bookmark name, select the bookmark folder to contain the smart keyword, and enter the keyword that will be used for the search (e.g. "imdb").
Search Address Bar Win2

To use this created smart bookmark, type the keyword and the search string in the address bar and press EnterReturn.

SearchKeywordExample Search Address Bar Win3

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