How to enable/disable the Firefox Relay icon on online fields and websites

Firefox Relay adds a shortcut icon to online email fields, making it easy and quick for you to create email masks when signing up or giving out your email on a website. Please note that you must have the Firefox Relay extension installed on your device to see the icon. To learn how to enable and disable the icon whenever necessary, check the following steps:

Note: Disabling this feature can help when the Relay icon is blocking/preventing you from entering information into online forms. However, once disabled, you can only create new masks directly on the Relay Dashboard.
  1. Click the Firefox Relay add-on tray.
    Firefox Relay icon on the add-on tray
  2. Click the settings icon at the top right corner of the window.
    Firefox Relay settings icon
  3. Toggle the switch next to Show Relay icon in email fields on websites to turn it on or off (blue means it's on/ gray means it's off).
    Firefox Relay settings

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