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Current M Artist distinct the "About Mozilla Firefox" window from the "About Firefox" button. Removed reference to fx67 for dedicated profiles
Approved M AliceWyman About Firefox window: added update info {for linux}
Approved   AliceWyman (minor) new Image:Fx91AboutFirefoxWindow
Approved M AliceWyman Windows program listing: Firefox version number no longer shown (see discussion)
Approved M Michele Rodaro Sentence above the images {for win,linux} only
Approved M AliceWyman added images, mac note (see discussion) removed pre-fx78 content and other edits
Approved   Danny Colin Hide windows-only instruction on both macOS and Linux
Reviewed M PGGWriter added {for not mac} on part that was not for mac
Approved M AliceWyman dedicated profiles info added to note (Bug 1557117)
Approved   Artist removed spare closing {/for}
Approved M AliceWyman updated blog post, other edits
Approved M AliceWyman {for not fx69} User Agent (Bug 1559747)
Approved M AliceWyman About Firefox window: removed article link
Approved M AliceWyman About Firefox window: reworded note
Approved M AliceWyman User agent screenshot updated for fx49 win64
Reviewed M AliceWyman made "User Agent" section for not fx51 (see discussion)
Approved M AliceWyman edit to pending revison for fx51 (see discussion)
Unreviewed   AliceWyman "About Firefox window" added for fx51 (bug 597738).
Approved M AliceWyman "How to switch ..." article link moved to the Intro
Approved M Chris Ilias s/If you are using the 32-bit version and would like to switch to the 64-bit Firefox/If you would like to switch to the 64-bit version of Firefox
Approved M pollti added link to https://mzl.la/296nK2i
Reviewed M Chris Ilias removed section about user-agent, and made programs list section into step-by-step instructions. https://support.mozilla.org/kb/how-do-i-tell-if-32-bit-or-64-bit/discuss/6674
Approved M AliceWyman Windows program listing: edits to note
Approved M AliceWyman Windows program listing: More info added to note
Approved   AliceWyman minor rewording ("load" -> show you"; "determine whether" -> "see if")
Approved M AliceWyman a few more edits
Approved M AliceWyman removed note for Windows, added table proposed by Chris Ilias and other edits (see discussion)
Approved M Lan Windows 10 instructions
Approved M AliceWyman shortened note for win, fixed typo
Unreviewed   AliceWyman edits to "Windows program listing" section and other edits - see discussion
Unreviewed   AliceWyman added second Microsoft article to note for win
Unreviewed   AliceWyman added note for win and edited intro - see discussion
Approved M AliceWyman WindowsOnly template, linked to blog post and other edits
Unreviewed   Tonnes removed language by mistake, change word order in win note
Approved M Tonnes grammar, markup and more, see discussion
Approved MT Wesley Branton Base article (many more edits needed)

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