How can I use Thimble in my classroom or out-of-school learning environment?

Thimble is a fantastic tool for teaching coding skills. Not only does it allow learners of varying skills levels to gain a deeper understanding of how code works, it also allows educators to design specific experiences unique to their learners.

Here are a few ways educators can make use of Thimble:

  • Each of the starter makes on the Thimble homepage includes a supplementary lesson plan that can be adapted to your particular context (and like everything on Thimble, the teaching kits are remixable, so please publish your remixes so others can benefit!)
  • Thimble has a built-in tutorial feature that allows you to create a set of customized step-by-step instructions for your learners. This feature is especially useful for self-guided learning. See How do I create a tutorial? for more info.
  • You can also use inline comments on any of your Thimble projects, to help guide learners. Learn how.
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