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Current M AliceWyman Where Firefox stores data: updated file names
Approved M AliceWyman Using about:config - screencast is outdated; linked to KB article on using about:config
Approved M AliceWyman Troubleshoot plugins: FlashEOL
Unreviewed   AliceWyman {warning} Some of the information in this guide is outdated.
Approved M Chris Ilias s/IRC/Matrix
Approved M AliceWyman Where to get help: "escalate" tag and Helpdesk ... no longer valid?
Approved M AliceWyman Differences between operating systems: removed mac OS X 10.5 article link
Approved M AliceWyman Differences between operating systems: updated
Approved M AliceWyman more on Crash Me Now! (Simple) extension
Approved M AliceWyman small edit to my last revision
Approved M AliceWyman Updated for "Crash Me Now (Simple)" extension
Approved M AliceWyman updated profile files, removed link to archived article
Approved M Artist first minor brush-over (typos, minor wording)
Approved M AliceWyman Reset preferences - linked to specific article on resetting preferences
Approved M John99 updated crashme xpi & KB Refresh links
Approved M Swarnava Sengupta Added fx 35 support
Approved M AliceWyman "Reset localstore.rdf" section renamed and updated for Firefox 34
Approved M AliceWyman "Reset localstore.rdf" section will no longer apply in Firefox 34
Approved M AliceWyman added note to Localstore.rdf section on upcoming change - see discussion
Approved M AliceWyman added "Troubleshoot plugins" section and other tweaks
Approved   AliceWyman added related KB article link in "Reset localstore.rdf" section
Approved M AliceWyman added links for clearing cache and cookies, resetting preferences section, other tweaks.
Approved M AliceWyman more tweaks, removed duplicated info and link to removed section
Approved M AliceWyman more tweaks, removed HijackThis suggestion
Approved M AliceWyman Differences between operating systems (updated)
Approved M AliceWyman cleanup and updates
Approved M AliceWyman fixed link
Approved M AliceWyman updated info on resetting prefs.js and other files, removed outdated PDF reader info, other changes
Approved M Moses full inspection! everything has been looked through, every link is working (consulted Joni on adding a direct executable to McAfee's removal tool as the old link lead to a useless page, considered by me to be final
Approved M AliceWyman updated the Reset localstore.rdf section
Unreviewed   Moses removed live chat references
Approved MT Moses added Joni's suggestions: use {note} tag in line 148, added bold names for "Where Firefox stores data" section to make file names easier to read.
Unreviewed   Moses did some edits based on https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/forums/contributors/709903#post-60006
Unreviewed   Moses minor edits, updated crashme extension link, updated winDbg link, added warning for win2k users, firefox system reqs are reflected upon the latest 29.0.1 release (will be updated regularly by me), added about:config warning, added additional crash article
Unreviewed   Moses initial draft

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