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Except where noted, everything here applies only to Firefox 128. Firefox 128 is the next ESR so, going forward, no enterprise changes will be backported to Firefox 115 ESR.

Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, SPNEGO authentication could fail. This was fixed in bug 1805666.


  • The Clear browsing data and cookies dialog was redesigned, which also affected the "Clear history when Firefox closes" dialog. The result is that some of the options in the SanitizeOnShutdown policy have been combined.


Firefox ships with a new .deb package for Linux users on Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint. This is a major change between ESR 115 and ESR 128.

Special Notes

There are two more planned releases of Firefox 115 ESR, and then it will go out of support on October 1, 2024. Users will then be automatically upgraded to Firefox 128 ESR.

If you need to prevent upgrades for any reason, you can use the AppUpdatePin policy.

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