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Current M JeremyKoozar Removed capitalization from bulleted lists due to section needeing Legal team approval
Unreviewed   JeremyKoozar Light theme screenshots added
Unreviewed   JeremyKoozar Minor spelling update; capitalized first words in bulleted list per KB writing guide
Approved M JeremyKoozar Updated screenshots for Fx95; removed redundancies, restructured and moved sentences/info, and made other minor updates.
Approved M AliceWyman more new images for fx89, other edits
Approved M irishgordo Just happened to notice it seems that Google may refer to Gelocation as more of it's "Google Location Service" via the link. Thought maybe to be semantic it might be worthwhile to change the link title. Then again, as it stands it still is great! :)
Approved   Fabi [Fx89] Minor (screenshot)
Approved M Erin S. Fixed some grammatical errors and reworded some sentences for a better flow.
Approved M Marcelo Ghelman Some better explanation
Approved M AliceWyman added Intro, new images; other edits
Approved M yoasif added location blocking
Reviewed M fffknol avoid misunderstanding when opted out - 100 Km location is still poss.
Approved M Tonnes change updated MDN web docs page’s link and title
Approved M Tonnes typo (could use small g too). Please allow discussions and move to proper category (pref. before approval/RFL)
Unreviewed   Michele Rodaro [[T:optionspreferences]] + Numbered list
Approved MT hoosteeno Created SUMO KB article containing information from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/geolocation/

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