Crash reporting in Firefox Reality

Note: Mozilla support for Firefox Reality has ended. To learn more, see End of support for Firefox Reality.

Crash reporting is turned off by default in Firefox Reality but you can turn it on at any time. We look at incoming crash reports to identify what causes crashes and errors. Turning on crash reporting helps us understand Firefox Reality so we can continue to improve it.

Turn crash reporting on or off

  1. Launch Firefox Reality.
  2. Click the cogwheel to open the Settings menu:
    settings firefox reality
  3. Click the switch next to Crash Reporting to turn it on. The color switch should be green.

If Firefox Reality crashes, it will send back details about the crash to Mozilla so we can make improvements.

What information is sent to Mozilla?

Firefox Reality is powered by GeckoView, Mozilla’s browser engine. GeckoView is developed and hosted by Mozilla, so third parties do not receive this information.

Information sent in crash reports falls mainly into the following basic categories:

Device information

This tells us information about your device, such as the operating system, manufacturer and graphics adapter when the crash happened.

Application information

This tells us information about the application that crashed, such as the version, build and build architecture of Firefox Reality you were using.

Crash information

This provides information about the crash, including a report of Firefox Reality’s subroutines at the time of the crash, whether a crash happened before Firefox Reality finished starting up, what type of process caused the crash and the information in device memory at the time of the crash.

For more information and to see examples of real crash reports, see Crash Data.

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