Bookmarks won't sync on Firefox for iOS

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Bookmarks sync is coming to Firefox for iOS. Stay tuned.

Bookmarks sync is coming to Firefox for iOS. In the meantime, Firefox Accounts can sync your browsing history so that your frequently visited sites appear on the home screen (or Awesome Screen).

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See Sync bookmarks, logins and browsing history on Firefox for iOS to learn how to set up Firefox Accounts on your iOS device.

Alternate method

If you prefer to access all bookmarks saved on other devices, try exporting them to an HTML list that you can access on your device:

  1. Export your desktop bookmarks to an HTML file. Choose from the following instructions:
  2. Put that HTML file in a cloud storage service like Dropbox, or a host or service of your choice.
  3. Open that HTML file on Firefox for iOS just like you would open any other web page. Your bookmarks will appear as a list of links.

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