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Java platform and Java Deployment should be updated but there is no other version, always the warning to update but thats not possible

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Java Platform 7u9 and Java Deployment Kit plug-ins are yellow and asked to be updated. The problem is that there is no other version than I have already installed. Even if I try to instal this latest version again I've get the message that I already have the latest version. The same problem was with Flashplayer where I installed the latest version but three days Firefox asked to update the plugin. The last one is now ok but Java Platform and Java Deployment Kit is hopeless. Why it ask for an update if there is none? What should or can I do? I always be careful and patch my pc if necesserry. All my friends who are working with Firefox have the same problem. Can anybody tell me whats going on here? greetings, Mimi321

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Java 7u10 has been released. For those using Java 6, Java 6u38 has been released.

After updating to Java 7u10, I found it necessary on my system to exit Firefox, then start Firefox again for the new version to be shown on the Plugin Check page - https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/


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Thanks to TheOldFox and Mozilla I finally got the update :-)

Trying hour after hour with lots of frustation ....with a little help....now I have a big smile on my face and my Plugin got his update ;-)

greetings, Mimi321

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There is still an issue for me. When i check to see if add-ons are up to date it identifies "Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U9" as out-of-date and gives me an orange "Update" action. When i hit this it takes me to the Java website giving me "Recommended Version 7 Update 9". This is the one i've already got so i cannot get rid of the orange Update action buttons.

Furthermore, if i try the link earlier in this thread to test to see which version of Java i should be using it says "Congratulations! You have the recommended Java installed (Version 7 Update 9)" so i'm not sure what this talk of version 7.10 is about?

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I have the same problem as richlaughlin no update 10 version found.

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See Java Platform > Java SE 7U10 or Java 6U38 (Download JRE)

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Thanks, works fine now for me.

However the error is still there for others unaware of the direct link. The update button is still pointing at the wrong version.

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Java SE 7U10

Thanks OldFox, cor-el and every other who helped me solve the problem.

I hope I can help someone too sometime.