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New Tab via Ctrl+t Behaves Differently If Current Tab Hasn't Loaded

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My normal process for opening a new tab is to press Ctrl+t and start typing the URL I want, then press enter once auto-complete shows the correct URL.

Sometimes I want to open a bunch of tabs at once, so while the first tab is loading I'll press Ctrl+t again and start typing in the next URL. If I wait until the page has started loading this works as expected, and the new tab opens with the cursor in an empty URL bar. However, if I press Ctrl+t immediately after pressing enter, the new tab's URL bar will contain the URL from the previous tab.

I can't always reproduce this reliably, it only happens when I'm working really quickly and I usually don't notice until I see that the URL bar contains both the old and part of the new address. It may also be more common with websites I haven't visited recently, I usually encounter it when paying bills which happens about once a month.

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I haven't made this happen yet. I have a really slow-loading test page (https://www.jeffersonscher.com/res/sleep120.php) but even there, the next new tab address bar is blank. There must be some other factor.

Are you using a bookmark to load the page?

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