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After bluescreen my firefox tabs become "ultra transparent". How can I fix it?

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I have firefox 74 (64-bit), after one of the bluescreens that sometimes happen for my laptop, my Firefox tabs became very, very transparent.

This is it how it looked before: https://puu.sh/Fnzh1/b606c91b73.jpg

This is how it looks now: https://puu.sh/FLYyk/63fb3fab0e.jpg

As you can see, in both cases I have 3 tabs opened and some other firefox window below. However, opacity is very high in the first case and you almost don't see anything else aside of the 3 tabs opened, while in the current situation is like non-existent and if not the difference in the size of the tabs, you wouldn't even notice that these tabs are not from the current window, but from some other window below!

Can someone help me understand how it happened and, more importantly, how to fix this problem? I tried searching options for things like 'transparency', 'transparent', 'opacity', etc., but couldn't find anything :-(

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It's hard to tell from the screenshots provided if anything has changed with your transparency. Looking at the Windows taskbar at the bottom, it doesn't look like anything has changed.

I don't think that Windows 7 allows you to adjust how transparent or opaque your windows are, it does allow you to adjust the colour intensity, which could make the windows appear less transparent. Maybe this was reset when your computer blue screened?

Option 1 of the How to Enable or Disable Transparency in Windows 7 if the Windows Seven Forums has good steps on how to find the colour and transparency settings.

Hope this helps.

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@Wesley Branton why do you say that nothing changed and why do you even bring Windows taskbar at the bottom into this?? It have nothing to do with my question.

Please, read the question again and pay attention to the browser tabs:



I think the difference between both of these is colossal, and notice that both have only 3 tabs opened, while the second one delusively looks as if it had several more tabs opened, as the part of the BROWSER (not Windows, normal other windows in Windows seems to act normally, as they were before, they are not as transparent. Nothing broke for them) is very transparent and shows the stuff from some other windows that are opened in the background (in this case it's other firefox window, but it can be anything, so I think it's definitely Firefox related, not to the Windows settings)

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Ok. Now I see it. Thought that all the tabs in your second screenshot were in the same window. Now I can see that the they are tabs in a background window. Got it. Sorry about that.

Any change when you run Firefox in Safe Mode?

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Did you try a different theme in Firefox via the customize window ?

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