Use tabs to organize lots of websites in a single window

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Tabs allow you to open and organize multiple websites inside a single window. This keeps your screen from getting cluttered and makes it easy to switch between sites. This article covers the basics of using tabs.

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Open a new tab

To open a new tab, click on the plus sign + on the right side of the last tab. The cursor will appear in the address bar so you can start typing in your search or URL.

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Keyboard shortcut: You can also press Ctrl + Tcommand + T instead of using a mouse.

Normally, when you click a link, it opens in the current tab. If you want to open a link in a new tab instead, just right-clickcontrol-click on the link and select Open Link in New Tab from the context menu.

Switch between tabs

You can visit a tab simply by clicking on it, or press Ctrl+tabcontrol+tab to quickly switch to another tab.

Close tabs

To close a tab, just click on the x on the tab itself.

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Wcommand + W to close the current tab.

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To close multiple tabs at the same time: Command-clickCtrl-click to select the tabs you want to close. Then right-clickcontrol-click on any of those tabs and select Close Tabs to close the ones you selected.

Bring back a closed tab

  • To bring back a tab you've closed by mistake, click on the menu button Fx57Menu , and then click on History, followed by Restore Closed Tabs.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Tcommand + Shift + T to bring back the most recently closed tab.

Organize tabs

Changing the order of tabs

To move a tab to a different position on the tab strip, just drag it there using your mouse.

Move a tab to a new window

  • To move a tab to its own window, click on the tab and drag it below the tab strip. A new window will open.
  • If you want to move a tab from one Firefox window to another, click on the tab and drag it to the tab strip of another Firefox window.

See all of your tabs

If you've opened more tabs than will fit on the tab strip, tab scroll buttons appear at each end. Clicking on them will scroll the tab strip left or right.

You can also click the "List All Tabs" button and select the tab you want from the drop-down menu.

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Pin tabs

Pinning a tab allows you to keep your favorite sites open and just a click away. Pinned tabs open automatically when you start Firefox. For more information about Pinned Tabs, see Pinned Tabs - keep favorite websites open and just a click away.

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  • To pin a tab, just right-clickcontrol-click on it and select Pin Tab.
  • To pin multiple tabs at the same time, highlight the ones you want (Ctrl-clickCommand-click), then right-clickcontrol-click on one of them and select Pin Tabs.

Bookmark tabs

  • Select the tab you want to bookmark, then right-clickcontrol-click on the tab and select Bookmark Tab.
  • To bookmark multiple tabs at the same time, highlight the ones you want (Ctrl-clickCommand-click), then right-clickcontrol-click on one of them and select Bookmark Tabs.

Tab tips

Troubleshooting tab problems

To fix problems with tabs, see:

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