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User Interface Changes.

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the autistic and aspergers sector of society has an extremely difficult time with change. They have made petitions, submitted emotional testimony online in your forums, etc, and there has been a complete lack of response.

There is gobs of scientific data around this globally, and overzealous overlords in tech constantly change the way the product looks, ignoring the science. These changes do nothing for functionality for 99% of people, and doesn't generate revenue for anyone.

What it does do, is it harms, disengages, and disenfranchises this entire group of society. Where they already have an extremely difficult time, the tech world continues to march away from logic, science, and evidence, insisting decorative changes are necessary and required, when the reality is we all know, there is an over the top engineer or designer at 4am on a sunday going "OMG CHARLIE LOOK AT THIS FONT!!!!! IMPLEMENTING IT NOW!!!!!! OMG THIS BUTTON NEEDS TO BE OVER HERE NOW!!!!!"

And then, they force us to accept these changes, without warning, teaching or sharing the change, and without giving the majority the information they need, or the ability to understand or even use the change.

These changes toss their family and home lives into chaos, stress, weeks of slow, turtle like crawl back towards some stability in these humans lives. In extreme cases, these individuals can be physically violent with their family because they have social disabilities, emotionally damaging relations, love, and kindness, simply because the tech world is full of 1 up man ship, instead of logic or compassion.

The tech world can literally design build and create anything, except the concept of no change for those that need it most.

Every time there is these fundamental changes either to design or functionality, these humans retreat from the life they have that comforts them, they lose advancements in their personal lives, and it disturbs and can harm their well being, their home lives, and their relationships with their care takers.

The latest update for your browser changed my childs right click menu, that he spent months learning about how to change and setup for himself. He cannot understand or comprehend how he laboured for what to him seems to be an eternity, and one day when he fires his browser up, all his hard work is gone, that he literally spent months learning.

This time, because he cant reach his emotions, because of the changes firefox forcibly deepthroats planet earth with, he picked up his laptop and threw it out the rear window of the house, a total cost to repair and replace all damages amounting to just under $8000.

Because someone changed his personal stuff. In his private space. Located in his personal house, where he lives in privacy with his family. WHY WOULD THAT CHANGE? WHY SHOULD THAT CHANGE?. HIS PERSONAL ITEMS CHANGED IN HIS PRIVATE LIFE. And no one told him. No one educated him on it. No one told him why it would be better. No one provided him with the tools to use it. He spent months learning this stuff, and one day he woke up and his effort was erased from the planet.

Keep up the good work.

We're all wondering why this stuff is all ok?

Why is it ok to take a virtual machete to someone else's hard work because someone wants a different color?

Henry Ford never went into that car you bought, and changed the location of the steering wheel or the pedals.

Thomas Edison never went into your house, and changed out the light switches for a new design or shape.

GE never went into any ones home and changed the plastic bezel on our tv's.

But all of a sudden, we have a tech world where the only constant, is change. Change of colors and buttons, which in most cases, the business world of making money, keeps saying is costing us, as a society, billions now, and its not generating revenue, its a loss and write off. The business world struggles to keep up with dynamic products, reeducating and relearning, because some digital exist in a logic vacuum.

Speaking of losses, even the general public sees little to no value in change that serves nothing but whimful designers. In fact, the majority of research indicates that the public would rather be able to makes their own style and design changes, instead of the dynamic, impossible to keep up with changes that have morphed into a false idea of progress in the computer world.


When can we expect Firefox to reach the reality that the public already knows?

This was also sent as an email, to mozilla press, via the web form. As of today, the recieving email address is unknown and hidden, because instead of posting a public address, mozilla uses a web form preventing a submitter from retaining a copy for themselves in most cases, in the form of sent mail. That in and of itself, at face value, appears to be intentional, a deceptive process of false engagement. Another disturbing fact in all this, is that more and more companies are hiding the who/what/where/why of their leadership.

As an individual, i am becoming more and more leery of companies and organizations that hide all forms of contacts and insist people use a forum, where they may or may not get a response, resulting in zero accountability in most cases. (When organizations ask for free public volunteers to be members and help the public, that amounts to social theft. Multiple countries on earth have outlawed this type of behavior, as it resembles an unpaid internship, resulting in free monetary maintenance value for profit oriented organizations, which I acknowledge firefox is not).

If an email submitter cant archive or even retain a sent email, because their point of contact was forcibly moved to an unaccountable web form, any organization can deny all existence of submissions, and thus wash their hands of all responsibility and plead ignorance.

If your organization truly advocates for a healthy internet as it virtue signals, then this letter would never have been necessary.

Every single person on earth, is trying to understand, for 25 years, why our lap top and computer screens are 14 to 20 inches wide, and when we send an email or forum submission to firefox, all the text exists inside a 2 inch by 2 inch window, with 10 inches of unused dead space surrounding the text field, complicating and making editing and fluid reading 100% impossible. We cant read 1 complete line at once, we have to scroll and scroll and scroll in order to read 1 SINGLE SENTENCE. And then you forget what you typed in the previous line because your eyes cant flit and read it in an instant, you have to grab a mouse and scroll, causing you to forget what you were trying to edit, making you go back and find the questionable entry all over again, repeating the process. Tiny text entry boxes are personal time thieves, requiring more effort and time to use. And then because the text box is so small, some people simply write in MS Word or a text document, and copy pasta it over, because you can see multiple lines and paragraphs simultaneously, simplifying and smoothing the editing and proof reading process, all because of a design fail that has been implemented globally as good because its something different than what to used to exist, when we all admit the functionality is a complete failure in all aspects.

Imagine that. Not using the firefox submission form makes life easier to contact firefox. WOW. What a paradox.

These are absolutely preposterous concepts, yet they have existed for 25 years and more. Everyone I know objects, and finds it ridiculous. Yet it persists.

We keep pushing people away and disengaging some, because the rest can cope or deal, or simply to choose assimilate because they feel 100% powerless to have a voice.

The new tab "button" hovers over the browser, and to my aspergers child, seems to be disconnected from the tab and in the wrong place. With no ability to fix, commence bay glass window shatter countdown.

$8000 repair bill in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6........

.....because layouts, colors, button placements and designs, are changed. And nobody asked for it.

        • Addendum: I have always set up my mouse to scroll 3 lines with a scroll. This letter, takes me 4 minutes to scroll through, even thought it is only 1 and a half pages. Because the text box is 2 inches wide.****

What a ridiculous waste of time, effort, energy, and my life. Thanks firefox. Thanks for not promoting a healthy and safe internet.

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