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keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste do not work in Firefox 73.0.1 with windows 10 pro. How to fix this?

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before a recent upgrade to windows 10 pro, in Firefox I could always use the keyboard short cuts for copy and paste (crtl + c and crtl + v) within the browser. e.g highlight any text in browser page or address bar then crtl+c to copy then crtl + v paste that either in another tab or another application. Now I cannot. I can use the mouse right click (after highlighting) pull-down for copy and mouse right click pull-down for paste. How can this be fixed?

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

Many have reported issues using the 64bit Firefox. Install the 32bit version from; Download Firefox For All languages And Systems {web link}

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Is this with all websites/pages, some, a few?

Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?

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I just tried Safe Mode - still the same - that is to say no keyboard short cuts for copy and paste working in any website/page (everything effected)

The keyboard copy and paste shortcuts are working fine in all other applications (word, excel, email client, etc). However, in Firefox itself (either in the URL address bar or in a text field in a page) I can only copy/past by either using the mouse right click menu, or the main menu bar edit pull down.

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

Many have reported issues using the 64bit Firefox. Install the 32bit version from; Download Firefox For All languages And Systems {web link}

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Installed the 32-bit version and keyboard shortcuts all working as before. (very probably all other keyboard shortcuts are working) Many thanks

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Glad to help. Safe Surfing.

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V 75.0 on Fedora

"Install the 32bit version ..." is a totally wrong workaround. It is not available for Fedora either. This issue has never been addressed and fixed. WHY NOT??

Solution MUST BE: - fire the responsible people and rewrite the software. - stop adding useless features before the software is STABLE and BUG FREE! - STOP the automatic/forceful update! Update is the USER's CHOICE!

As far as I am concerned, I extinguish the Fire and run away from this browser like a Fox. Sick to the bone of incompetent management/programmers! Even if it is free. It's not free. We are paying with lost time and frustration!

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