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Adobe Reader not working right.

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Pdf forms in Adobe Reader are looking different than they used to. I also keep getting a message at the top which says "This pdf document might not be displayed correctly." But the biggest problem in documents that I was able to fill in information online previously are not working. In particular the tax form 941 which I need to send in!!! Help!

This is in Adobe Reader X.

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Type about:addons in URL

Goto plugin disable Adobe reader and try it..

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It looks that you are currently using the build-in Firefox PDF reader and that build-in PDF reader can't be used to fill a PDF form, so you will have to make sure that the Adobe Reader is installed properly.

You can try to disable this PDFjs reader and set the pdfjs.disabled to true on the about:config page.

I'm not seeing the Abode Reader plugin in your system details list.

Is that plugin disabled (Tools > Add-ons > Plugins) ?

Try to delete the pluginreg.dat file in the Firefox Profile Folder and maybe addons.sqlite as well to reset the plugin registry databases.

Note that you are currently running a Firefox 19 beta version, no you may need to create a new profile or try the current Firefox 18.0.2 release.

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I checked the plugins and updated them. I reinstalled Firefox so that it is 18.0.1. Now when I go to any online pdf link, it won't even open. It instead directs me to save the file.

I am just a normal person trying to use the computer and do not know what is going on. thanks.

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See if one of these articles will help:

... in particular, the PDF files are downloaded section.

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