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is anyone having a problem using the nytimes digital subscription?

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i signed up for the new york times digital subscription on 28 march, then a few days later was told my account was canceled for nonpayment. according to customer service, my account is in good standing. but now when i try to access an article, i'm told i've already used my 20/month and wants me to pay again.

i cleared the cookies and browsing history; tech support reset my password, but i still can't get access on firefox. no problems with internet explorer.

any suggestions? thanks

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add me to the list. i have reluctantly concluded that the nytimes digital service is not compatible with firefox. over the past 5 days, i have had daily conversations with the nyt techies, who gave me the same useless advice: clear cookies and browsing history and reset password. i did so, repeatedly, but four passwords and hours of frustration later, the nyt digital service still refuses to recognize me as a home delivery subscriber entitled to total access and instead keeps telling me i have used up my 20 free articles. its techies now tell me that firefox is to blame in some way that they can't explain, and i must use internet explorer to access the nyt site. IE works fine but it is not my browser of choice, and i don't like having it open all day long, given its well known vulnerabilities. i am outraged that the nyt didn't see this problem coming, and is doing nothing to fix it! obviously, they have screwed up in a big way.

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knock wood, things seem to have resolved themselves, at least for now.

however, as it tuned out after i had posted, that my problem was unrelated to firefox. the same thing happened with IE. i'm not a home subscriber; my problem was that i kept getting messages saying my digital subscription was being canceled for nonpayment, which was crazy since my cc info had been entered 4 times.

spoke with a techie named oneeka yesterday who reentered the cc info one more time, and since then i've accessed well over 20 articles. so, things are copacetic, but have don't know that this will help your situation...

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spoke too soon. THIRD cancellation notice; payment info has been entered FIVE times. beats me, and apparently them, as well. i mean we're not talking about splitting the atom here.