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i accidentily deleted the "most visited" thing on the tool bar that also has " getting started" and "latest headlines" . My question, how do I get the "most visited" option back?

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i accidentally deleted the "most visited" option in the tool bar, how do i get it back?

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Default Smart Bookmarks Folders:

  • Most visited
  • Recently Bookmarked
  • Recent tags

If you deleted any of the default Smart Bookmark folders, please follow these steps:

1. In the Location Bar, where you type in the addresses of sites, enter about:config

A warning may appear. Click I'll be careful, I promise!

2. Filter browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion .

3. Double-click browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion

4. An integers value pop-up will appear. Set it to zero

5. Click OK. The next time you close Firefox, it will reset

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I followed some ill advice when trying to C L E A R the Most Visited and ended up deleting the Most Visited "Smart Folder". Since I had not created any new bookmarks for that day I went to the Bookmarks pull down menu > Show All Bookmarks > clicked on the star looking thing entitled "Import and Backup your bookmarks" > Restore > selected yesterday's bookmarks. It will give you a warning that all your current bookmarks will be destroyed. So what, I'm restoring last night's bookmarks anyway. Most Visited came back, all is well. This is what worked for me.

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