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How do I change the colorscheme back to the original?

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How do I change my color scheme back to the original? Firefox upgraded my system (June 5, 2021) and the new color scheme is terrible. I want what I had yesterday. "Tools-Addons-Appearance- default setting" is an old instruction and path, and is not applicable in this version.

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Hi Karen, There's a Firefox theme on the addons site called Photon Colors, which I found helps a lot.

Go to https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/photon-colors/ and click on Install Theme.

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Chris Ilias, I have been through every color scheme. New Firefox is HORRIBLE! Where is my toggle switch icon to show or hide my bookmarks on the left side of my screen? I cannot see that I have clicked "Like" in Facebook or on Rumble. This stinks. There is no hope for FF unless they give me my old features. I'm considering using other browsers. FF is likely to lose this custmer over this debacle.


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Hi Karen, Are you referring to the Bookmarks toolbar button? That should not have been removed. See if you can add it back using the instructions in the following article: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.

Firefox doesn't have any effect on being able to see if you have liked something on a social media site. Would you mind sending us a screenshot of what you're seeing? For instructions, see How do I create a screenshot of my problem?.

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Chris Ilias, Yes Firefox removed both my "Show Side bars" and my "View History, Saved Bookmarks..." icons. So last night, Sunday, 6/6/2021, I switched back to the previous version (88? I'm getting confused so many things got screwed up), and I changed my settings so that Firefox could not update without my permission. In 88 I saw those icons again. So I restored my bookmarks to the blank copy.

But this morning, Monday 6/7, I logged on and Firefox had upgraded me again, to 89, and the Tabs across the top of my screen are white again, AND--very oddly-- the two icons that were missing the first time in 89, "Show Side bars" and "View History...", are back. And the visibility problems I was having in Facebook and Rumble are resolved. And I can see when a video/sound is playing on a tab, which I couldn't last night. So while I do not like the white color, I can deal with it.

I had already restored my bookmarks into the blank 88 version, from my personal backup that I do regularly. That seems to have survived the upgrade, but I just noticed a folder is missing. I was just in the process of looking for it before considering restoring my bookmarks again. And I did lose all my open tabs from before the upgrade. I was working on some of those.

Is there a file someplace that would enable me to restore those tabs that I had open before the first upgrade to 89?

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Horrible color update, I can no longer clearly see my Tabs, completely unusable for me. How do I get back the previous version!!