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This computer has been disconnected

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Hi : when I turn on sync,after signing in,the browser pups up a tip says "This computer has been disconnected".But in my iphone,I signed in and truned on sync.

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sorry ,i am new here .i thought i can leave my problem here too . at least we have common in the same problem lol

i just installed a globle version or specially its the us version on my win10 the latest verison,and when i want to sign in and sync some data ,it just pop up the tip just like in the image.i tried about 10 times,it failed without no doubts. but the firefox on my ubuntu20.04 just works fine . dont know why .except the tip,i received many emails from the automail bot suggest that i login in a new place .holy shit i really login in a new place ,but there is something strange is that the ip address in the email is always changed,and not stands for my place.hope someone can contact me help me to sigin in the fking account and ignore the grammer synatx error

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