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Firefox Always Crash - Ubuntu 18.04

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I'm Sen,

I have problem with firefox on my ubuntu, I'm using ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit, n my firefox version is 83.0 (default),

So.. the problem is, my firefox always crash, I have tried to refresh, change profile, reinstall it, even use another version of firefox, but it keep crashing,

I don't know is it related or not to my problem but i have attach some logs about firefox in my ubuntu system log,

If any other information that u need please tell me, And please help me...

Thank you...

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Good evening Sen,

I'm Shred,

Sorry to hear that Firefox keeps crashing.

Seems odd to me that it would crash with a 18.04 LTS and vanilla Firefox 83.0. Cause I happen to use Ubuntu 20.10 with a custom kernel (5.9.0-14.1-liquorix-amd64) and Firefox 83.0. (several plug-ins) never crashes, only Youtube Video's won't buffer properly from time to time (once a day). I simply suspend or log out and back in and it works just fine (I can live with it).

Have you tried to post a question on the Ubuntu forums? To me there seems to be a problem within your Ubuntu system cause the system rejects the request from Firefox to write and/or edit files (anyone correct me if I'm wrong).

Just happened to come across these articles on the Ubuntu forums:




For now I would suggest to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.10 with the Custom kernel. Cause I'm still learning to troubleshoot Ubuntu logs take some of the above with a grain of salt.

If the above does not help then I'm not capable to help you any further, my sincere apologies.