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open firefox newtab with yahoo

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In settings "open newtab with" gives only options of either "blank page" or "firefox home". I want the new tab to open with "yahoo". How do I set that? Why is firefox forcing us to use only the firefox for new tabs?

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more options


How are you?

Let me try to help you:

BTW Firefox is not forcing us to use only the firefox for new tabs. It could be possible that so far Firefox has not integrated the option to set any web page as your new tab page, as this was abused by adware in past.

However, I do have a solution for you so let me share :)

Firefox does allow add-ons to make this change. You can install an add-on and use it to select any new tab page you like for ex: http://yahoo.com

If you want to set a custom address as your new tab page, I recommend the New Tab Override extension https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/new-tab-override/

Install it and click the “New Tab — Settings” button that appears on your toolbar to find its options.

By default, the extension allows you to set a custom URL in the URL box. Just plug in the address of a web page you want to use as your new tab page. For example, if you wanted to use Yahoo as your home page, you’d enter https://www.yahoo.com/

This only works with addresses starting with either http:// or https:// .

You can also select from other options. Just click the “Option” box and choose an option from the list. For example, you could make Firefox always open the new tab page with an empty page, your current home page, or a local file.

The “local file” option allows you to select an HTML file that Firefox will use on its new tab page, so you could make your own web page and set it as a custom new tab page, if you liked.

I hope this works for you and if so please hit the Like button to make me smile :) again

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