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Restored tabs no longer have page description, only web address.

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i have a lot of tabs & usually the tab restore works fine. in the last months it's had the slow script message, but after continuing has been ok, but sometimes hangs for over half an hour, where i force close firefox. one time after it just wouldnt start up again & after force closing, i clicked stop on one of the slow script messages & once it finally loaded the active page, all the inactive pages tabs were just the site, not the description (eg, youtube.com instead of Top 10 Funny Cat Videos, or facebook.com) hovering over the tab shows the address, but as in the case of youtube, not much help when it just shows the video filename code. once clicked & it becomes active, the tab shows the correct tab description & works as normal. but on restarting & restoring tabs, back to the same thing - only the active one shows correctly, all the rest only the site in the tab, not the description.

how can i fix it, or do i just have to go through all of my tabs?

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How many tabs do you have and are you restoring tabs automatically or on demand (i.e. when you switch to a tab)?

See these prefs on the about:config page.


Note that best is not to interrupt loading tabs to avoid corrupting session data.