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After years of Firefox being my favorite browser, I'm dumping it. YOUR solution to MY problem of excessive memory usage by Firefox is to have ME go through a...

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...boatload of time-wasting "solution" to fix problems with YOUR software. I run companies and do not have time to waste fixing problems you created. Give me a one-button solution that makes Firefox perform as it should, instead of like a latter-day Titanic, and maybe I'll return to it. But for now, I'm done with Firefox and will NOT recommend it to any of my over 400,000 weekly readers... (I write). Your long list of "solutions" was arrogant and puerile at the same time...

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Hi, sorry having issues. You must have used another name for the question you asked here for help as it is not listed under your name.

So no idea what you asked for help with as you do not tell us here.

If you would like a 1 Button Fix this is as close as your going to get to it https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings As software is no longer as simplistic as it used to be and that is why there is Software Engineers for the profession.

If need help please provide more information as to the issue you are having.

Firefox Volunteer Support

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Sorry that you are having problems, but maybe "we" could have helped you if only you had asked for help in this forum. Easier to help someone for help than to read a "parting is such sweet sorrow"; too William Shakespeare for me.