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Can I disable a keyboard shortcut that is interfering with typing?

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I use a lot of UNICODE characters when typing on several sites. I enabled the hex numpad through a registry key as described here: (https://superuser.com/questions/47420/insert-unicode-characters-via-the-keyboard) and so far it has worked fine with firefox. However when trying to type "Alt+14B" for the character "ŋ", firefox defaults to opening the bookmarks tab from the menu bar (which is the shortcut Alt + B in firefox). The B overrides the previous characters and firefox treats it as a shortcut instead of a unicode entry. Alt toggles the menu bar, but only if let go before a valid unicode is recognized. So i can write a schwa "ə" by typing "Alt(plus sign)259" but not "ŋ" (pasted here). Is there any way I can disable the ALT menu bar shortcut?

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Hi, not natively as far as I know nothing can override Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. As per :

Do not bother looking at anything unless the date is after release of Quantum, Nov 14 2017

Was checking and this showed up, no idea if useful or not :