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I need the "send email link" option in Firefox to open "AOL Webmail" instead of Gmail or Yahoo

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There used to be a Firefox helper program called "mailto webmail" that did this, but it does not work with Firefox Quantum. Then, for a while, a similar feature was built into Firefox, allowing the easy selection of "AOL Mail" or "AIM" as one of the choices to get to this result. Now, the only webmail link choices that I see listed in Firefox are to Gmail and Yahoo. There is a box to type in others, but I have no idea what to specify to get the AOL "compose/send email page" to be used by Firefox (current version) instead of Gmail or Yahoo. Also, the AOL page that opens should be the "Compose/Send email" page and not the email inbox page! Thank you.

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Would you please take a look at this article :


Does that help  ?

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Thanks, McCoy, for responding. But please try again: I followed your suggestions, but did not find any mailto programs with a built-in choice of AOL or AIM for Firefox's default email. Since I have successfully set Firefox to use AOL webmail everyday within Firefox for all my incoming and outgoing emails (including this one!), it is very strange that the mailto or "send by email" links in Firefox ALWAYS open GMail or Yahoo instead! The solution could be for me to specify "the correct address to and for AOL webmail" in the "box" that opens a few levels into your "set webmail" instructions. But I have no idea what the correct address for AOL to open is! Do you perhaps know? Or is there perhaps a technical reason that makes it no longer possible for AOL to be used as the default mailto link while GMail can be? Again, I want the "send by email" link to immediately open the AOL webmail send page, with a link to whatever webpage I am on as the message.

Thanks again for you help. I am 75 years old, and this "little problem" requires someone more technically inclined than I to solve.

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Maybe iff you'd read that article again, especially the part where it says :

"If the webmail service you want to use is not available in your Firefox Options General panel's Applications section as a mailto choice, you can try to find an extension that supports it, either by searching addons.mozilla.org for the specific webmail service or by doing a webmail search or a mailto search and browsing through the results. "

Personally, if I have to use the "Email Link" option, I just choose Gmail, even though it's not my preferred mail account.

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Does the procedure in this 2015 article still work? It requires deep navigation in AOL mail settings: