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Why does My Browser keeps Crashing on some pages?!!! and the number of those pages is increasing!

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It started couple of months ago. In the beginning it crashed only on some Youtube channels. Like if I clicked o a video that was on a proper channel like "BBC", the page loaded but in the middle it suddenly crashed with the error "Firefox has encountered a problem and needs to close". Then when I use to restart firefox it would say that it probably happened because of a new tab. Now I am fed up. The problem has grown from certain youtube channels now to Yahoo mail, some other news websites today even Facebook! It logs me in to Fb but if I open a Fb page in a new tab it crashes. Now I even can't use Fb. I don't know whats wrong. I've tried the Firefox help and got my Crash Signature and now am posting the most recent one along with this Q. Crash Signature: hang | mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanceParent::CallPBrowserStreamConstructor(mozilla::plugins::PBrowserStreamParent*, nsCString const&, unsigned int const&, unsigned int const&, mozilla::plugins::PStreamNotifyParent*, nsCString const&, nsCString const...

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You need to update Java. Go to http://www.java.com/en/ to install the latest version and then go to Tools | Add-ons and disable versions prior to 1.6.0_25

If the problem persists, try running Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode. If it functions properly in that configuration, then one of your add-ons is the culprit.

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Thank You so much for the reply! and you are rite its one of the add-ons! The java update didn't work then I went in the safe mode and its working absolutely f9. Now please can you help me to solve it? I mean is there a way I can find out which add-on is the culprit and if I keep using in Safe mode what will happen. I know that all of my add-ons will be disabled but what would be the affect? I would really really appreciate your help and guidance. You've already relieved half of my head ache! Thank YoU. :D

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Ok I am now using Firefox in safe mode so that means all the Add-ons are disabled but I can still watch youtube videos,I thought it won't play videos in safe mode because it requires the flash plugin or are add-ons and plugins different? If they are so that means I can remove all of my add-ons (extensions) so then may be I can use Firefox normally and it won't crash.Please some one help me. I need to get this problem solved. please. I am all messed up here trying to get this solved.

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Start in Safe mode again and then click the option to Disable All Add-ons followed by "Makes Changes and restart",

Then it's simply a case of re-enabling them one-by-one until the problem recurs. Then you know it was the previous one which is causeing the problem.

The add-ons manager is accessible by clicking Tools | Add-ons | Extensions. Laborious I know but it's the only way of doing it.

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No problem sir I can do all that. I just want it solved. But I am a little confused that are add-ons and plugins same? when I disable add-ons does it also affect my plugins? Thankyou so much for helping me uptill now.

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No, plugins remain valid. Only the add-ons you installed yourself are disabled.

Unless of course you go into the Plugins menu and disable them one by one. But I don't think you did that ;)