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YouTube videos are showing just as black box, no movies are loaded, how do I fix this?

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All YouTube videos that I try to watch are just displaying as black or blank. There's no interface to push play on, it's just black.

When I right click over the movie panel, it says: "Movie not loaded."

I have Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.152 installed as a plugin to my Firefox browser.

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I'm having exact same problem. Just recently happened. Checked for updates within Firefox and it said flash player is up to date.

Microsoft Explorer works just fine.

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This can be a problem with the Firefox Flash plugin update to version 10.2 r152.

Try to disable the hardware acceleration in the Flash Player.
See Flash videos won't play full screen

Flash "Display settings" window:

You can try to uninstall Flash and install the previous Flash 10.1 r102 version to see if that works.

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I had this problem. After I reinstalled flash player, whitelisted youtube.com in noscript, and disabled Adobe Reader my youtube videos work again.

Google's swf_test page worked before and after. That's not really a good test for this problem. :(

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I had this problem on Firefox 4.0.1 on Win 7 64 bit with Flash Player 10,3,181,14.

I was running the plugin in-process with dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll set to false. Changing it to true and running the plugin in the plugin container solved the issue for me.

Problem is, this is a recent issue - I've been running the plugin in-process for ages with no problems. Something has changed.