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Mozilla-Windows vista severe CRASHINGS

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I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING!!! IT KEEPS CRASHING ALL THE TIME!! ALL THE SECONDS OVER AND OVER AGAIN! it all started with SEVERE crashings of the Adobe Flash and the Mozilla always crashed...also with the Shockwave.... the Mozilla keeps NOT RESPONDING either its Google,facebook or other report.

 I UNISTALLED flash,shockwave,google etc!!!! reinstalled !!! nothing.... defragments and all the TuneUp utilities stuff Antimalwares etc...... UNISTALLED PROGRAMMS etc..
well.... what to do?....    my OS is Total:232 GB
                                                       fREE space:144 GB

i cant even type properly.... cause its... Crashhh.........

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John99 mentioned here that disabling plugin-container was not a wise move: /questions/981593#answer-518835

You should reverse whatever you did to disable plugin-container.

See also: ...which links to Bug 769721 - Force-enable OOPP for Flash users on Windows Vista+ (according to that bug, disabling OOPP for Flash can cause Firefox crashiness if protected mode in Flash is enabled or when updating Flash).

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