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Hi, I've Just set up F sync on my home PC (1) and my laptop (2). My bookmarks are OK, but tab(groups) haven't been synced on latop.

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Hi There,

I'm having trouble with Sync, it doesn't seem to handle tabs/groups the way I thought it would from the description. I set up sync on my home (desktop) PC, then on my laptop, originally with 'merge data' on both. Bookmarks were synced on the laptop but tabs and tab groups were not.

I tried the 'sync now' option, which had no effect. I then changed the sync option on the laptop to 'replace all data on this device with my sync data', closed and restarted Firefox, but this did not fix it.

I then tried 'replace all other devices with this device's data' on the desktop, but still no difference on the laptop.

I'm running Firefox 21, fully updated on both.

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what do you see, if you go to tools > Options > Sync, then Manage Account and View Quota? Do you have Tabs in the list?

One more idea: Could it be that the corresponding toolbar is not visible - causing the "not synced" misunderstanding? Right-click into an empty space somewhere at the top of the Firefox window to get the drop-down window for showing/hiding toolbars.

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View quota: In both m/cs, all boxes were selected (inc. tabs). Desktop shows 1.8Mb used, laptop shows 5Mb.

Add-on toolbar: This was displayed on desktop, but had nothing relating to sync. It was hidden on laptop, but when I tried to show it with 'view' drop-down, nothing appeared.