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How can I invert colors like Chrome's high contrast extension?

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I use high contrast mode on my computer. I would prefer to use Firefox, but it is not very high contrast friendly forcing me to use Chrome. Firefox automatically adjusts if the OS window scheme is set to high contrast. Chrome has an extension that takes a different approach. It actually inverts the colors for each page visited while ignoring photos and videos the best it can. When I use Firefox with high contrast it basically strips the page of any formatting and I'm left with a pure black screen with yellow, blue, and purple fonts that look horrible. Looking horrible isn't the only problem though, many buttons and images are not displayed at all, and text fields are completely invisible. It makes using high contrast with Firefox a real pain and pointless to even try to use.

http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb Check the link to this page as an example. Switch your OS windows to high contrast and open this page in Firefox. Open Chrome and download the high contrast extension and enable it. Visit the same page and look at them side to side.

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Maybe NoSquint helps.

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no...it's basically the same thing as the automatic thing in firefox except i can adjust zoom levels for pages

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According to the lifehacker.com article How to Invert Your Browser’s Colors for Easier Reading at Night, the firefox extension Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading is the closest to High Contrast for Chrome. It keeps most of the images and layout, except for background images. A userstyle (link) is also mentioned, but it's "Unfinished, still kinda attempt." (Dec 2, 2012 update), and it disables background images too. Another interesting firefox extension is Color That Site!, which allows to easily change about every color of (almost) any part of a website, without touching to (background) images. It has "invert colors" tickboxes too. But you need to manually do it (once) for each website... I guess the combo Blank Your Monitor + Easy Reading, for most websites, with Color That Site!, to fine-tune colors on websites you visit most, is the best option at the moment.