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Firefox fullscreen breaks Windows Alt+Tab functionality

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I've noticed a very annoying issue with Firefox full screen mode that's been around longer than I've been using it.

I use full screen mode all the time and never switch back to windowed mode. But I notice that often when I try to Alt+Tab to a different window, OS windows selection appears for a brief second, then disappears and Firefox retakes focus. Sometimes you can get it to work if you're quick and you only want to change to the previous window, but if you want to change to another window you won't have time. The only way to reliably Alt+Tab out of Firefox when its in full screen mode is to press the Win key first (giving focus to the Start Menu) then Alt+Tab.

Its not a deal breaker for Firefox or full screen mode, but its a very annoying issue and it would be really great to see it fixed.

Steps to recreate (doesn't fail every time):

1. Open several windows (Windows Explorer, photo editor, etc)

2. Open firefox and switch to full screen mode.

3. Hold down Alt and keep pressing Tab in an attempt to reach one of the other windows

Result: The OS Alt+Tab display appears for a split second, then disappears again and Firefox takes focus.

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hello paroariax, i just tested it on my system (also windows 7) and task switching works fine here from inside firefox fullscreen mode. can you try if it's working in safemode or when you reset firefox?

two other issues apart from the problem you've described:

  • from your system details it appears that there are out of date plugins (flash & java) present on your pc - this is a grave security risk and actively exploited on the web. please update those plugins as soon as possible!
  • your user agent (the bit of information that firefox identifies itself on the web) shows that you're using firefox 13 - if this is correct please also update firefox to the latest version, since firefox 13 is no longer supported. in case you are already using firefox 15 & there is a problem with your user agent, check here on how to resolve that.
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I have been living with the same thing since April, when I bought a new HP Pavilion dv7 and started using Windows 7 (Pro) for the first time. (The prior machine had been Win XP.) This is my full-time work PC for web development, kept fully current on software upgrades.

In my case, it seems to be exacerbated by using a "Windows 7 Basic theme" instead of one of the "Aero" themes. The bad Alt-tab still happens, but less, with "Aero." (I find Aero's glassy transparency distracting, though.)

It's counterproductive and annoying, though, to be working on deadline with 20 windows open, and be fighting a video-game-like battle to switch to the window I need.

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Facing the same problem.

But it's disappears when you switch fullscreen back and forth.
Windows 7 64-bit:
  AeroPeek off
Firefox 18.0.1
I think, it is time to solve it.