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I have a dead space just below my tool bar, preventing use of tab on face book and other sites

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l have 5 different bars at the top of my page, when l go to my face book page, l'm not able to click on my profile or any tap just below my yahoo tool bar. seems to be about a 1' space on all the sites l go to, where l can not click on any tabs, like a dead space, every thing works fine on internet explorer browser.

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Please see this.

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The Yahoo Toolbar and the Babylon extension have caused that problem in the past. Some toolbar overlap onto the top of the web page and can make buttons/links unclickable. That may or may not be what is causing your problem. You can disable or un-install the Yahoo Toolbar that you show having installed. After that, restart Firefox to see if the problem is resolved. If not resolved, start Firefox in Firefox Safe Mode; if the problem is resolved in Firefox Safe Mode, the problem is caused by one of your Extensions. To exit Firefox Safe Mode, close Firefox, wait a few seconds, click the Firefox desktop icon to start Firefox in regular mode.

If that does not solve the problem (Firefox Safe Mode):

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