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pictures do not display in my yahoo emails, but they show up if I go to forward the email, since I went to version 5.0 please help, win7

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Since I updated to version 5.0 of firefox, 95% of pictures do not display in the body of emails using my yahoo account. If I go to forward the email however I can find them displayed in the forwarding window. I do have all pictures set to display in the ff settings, and have not made any setting changes before or after the update. At first I thought it was the "New" yahoo mail, which I switched to from the "classic", but I cannot switch back. I finally opened my yahoo mail in IE, and the pictures show right up.

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Well hell, it was the "Accept third-party cookies" option! I have never had that option checked since I have been using Firefox (v1.?) and had no problem with Yahoo Mail.

The pictures do show up in the body of the letter and thumbnails at the bottom of the page. But now when I view the sideshow and close it, the whole webpage has a dark tint to it and can only be removed by closing tab and reopening Yahoo Mail. WTH?

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