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firefox ask for personal information in keychain

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I'm running Mac 10.6.6 in both Firefox3 and 4 When Firefox starts my snitch informs me that Firefox wants keychain access to my confidential information in"ipsafari". I deny access. No real lost funtion. Why does Firefix want this access? What information is it accessing?

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I just got one of the lovely forced & unprompted Firefox updates and receive this message as well afterwards.


OS 10.6.6

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OS 10.6.7 & Firefox 4.0.1

I have a similar problem - Firefox wants to use your confidential information stored in Ipsafari in your keychain 

I don't have Ipsafari in my keychain - www.ipsafari.com purports to provide Project Management, software engineering and business analysis. It does not respond to requests for information re this problem via info@ipsafari.com.

I think that it is entirely a Firefox problem which confuses Ipsafari with Safari (browser) which I have deleted as useless.

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I deny access and have not noticed any issues. It bothers me when a program asked to use the information and I have no idea what it is for or what it is. it does seem that for security in browsing it does not need access.

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I agree with jazzxs, how can we make intelligent decisions about security without knowing what is being asked for and why? I even called Apple Support about this, but they were totally oblivious, ultimately blowing it off because they don't support Firefox. I would have countered with whether they support Keychain, but the person I was talking to obviously had no clue so I let her be. Apple really needs to fix this.

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Hi there. Hopefully some help here. I have a LastPass (a password collector for sites you go to frequently) plug-in for Firefox. When I deny access to lpsafari notice the lp for lastpass... it does not auto-login into the plug-in. When I grant access the lastpass pug-in auto logs in. It is using the info kept in the Mac keychain access for this program.

Hope this helps you guys/gals out.

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I thought it was an i as well.

Do you you LastPass?

Perhaps it is LP. lpsafari

This seems to work for me.

Go into KeyChain Access Find lpsafari Choose get info Go to Access Control (2nd tab) Choose Allow All Applications to Access this Item Then Save Changes

It stops nagging.

However, I don't like opening access like that.

So, I went back and deleted lpsafari from the keychain.

So far, that has stopped the nagging and restarting FireFox has not regenerated an lpsafari item either.

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