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divx web player crashes while starting to play a movie in firefox

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On the website www.veehd.com, when i try to play a Divx movie, it gives message of Buffering but then stops responding and browser stops responding at all in all other tabs also.

On the website www.veehd.com, when i try to play a Divx movie, it gives message of Buffering but then stops responding and browser stops responding at all in all other tabs also.

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On or around 4/14 I upgraded to FF4. I then discovered that divxweb was Not supported.

[see pic of my current directory]

  • So on 5/30 I degraded and reinstalled ver 3.6 per install.log
  • On 6/1 I installed ver. 3.6.17 the last update I knew about. Over the next 10 days I upgraded, my add-ins etc., which was recommended but which seemed odd considering the goal was trying to return to a previous set of settings and DLLs etc. that worked. Still Divx over the web does Not work. So I looked over the FF program directory (attached pic)

Arranged chronologically, notice that several ver4 files have not been replaced by ver3.6 files. It makes sense that the installer for ver 3.6 would not have a delete file list that included ver4 files not written yet. I checked the removed-files list and the ver4 files were not there nor are they on the uninstall list that FF3.6 uses to uninstall itself.

I believe now that ver4 was faster because it did things differently from 3.6. There are settings and (according to my directory) java processes that were created by ver4 that can't be undone by simply reinstalling an older version. The older ver3.6 installation files were NOT created to "uninstall" the newer ver4!

This also explains why there has been no immediate response yet... How would you reissue older ver3.6.x installation files so they would uninstall ver4?

So.. we ALL NEED a FF4 Degrade Conversion Utility that will uninstall ALL of ver4 (without losing anything).

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@zrdar - I'm not surprised to hear that the official DivX Web Player browser plug-in is causing problems. A casual Google search reveals numerous complaints concerning its reliability (or lack thereof). From what I've read, it's terrible software and, of course, a badly written plug-in can wreak havoc upon the browser that's hosting it.

So, is it possible to use veehd.com without it? Well, yes, it turns out that it is. Firstly, Windows 7 already has native (reliable) support for decoding DivX and Xvid formats. That's only half the battle though, because you still need a plug-in of some sort in order for the content to be streamed directly within Firefox. The site in question embeds its video using the AVI (video/x-msvideo) container format so you could simply use an alternate plug-in to handle it ...

The most logical choice would be to use Microsoft's official Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin. After installation, it will register itself with Firefox to handle the content. The actual process of decoding and playback will be handled by Windows 7 itself so you should get very good results.

Another option would be to install VLC. During installation, there is a check box for the "Mozilla plugin". Enable that, and a plug-in will be installed which handles numerous media formats.

I've personally tested the second method and it works very well indeed. Still, although VLC is very good, I would recommend trying the first method as it is less intrusive and it leverages the multimedia capabilities that already exist in Windows 7.

NOTE #1: If you install any additional plug-ins, be sure to uninstall the DivX software or - at the very least - disable its plug-ins from the Tools > Add-Ons dialog. You don't want a situation where one plug-in is in 'competition' with another for a given media type.

NOTE #2: Make sure you are registered with veehd.com and signed in when trying to play back video. If not, the site will attempt to install a plug-in which is completely unnecessary (and which is not necessarily trustworthy). As long as you are signed in, the browser will simply use whichever plug-in is registered to handle media with the MIME type "video/x-msvideo". To check which plug-ins are active and which types of content they are handling, simply type about:plugins into the address bar then press ENTER.

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OK, I looked into this a little further. It turns out that I was wrong about the WMP plug-in registering itself for the relevant media types. This is annoying because - at least in Windows 7 - it's perfectly capable of handling it. It piqued my interest so I've started work on a Greasemonkey extension which fixes it. I'll post again as and when it is fit for sharing. In the meantime, below is a screenshot showing it at work.

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I've uploaded my Greasemonkey script here:


You must install both the Greasemonkey extension and the official Windows Media Player plugin for it to be of any use. It should work correctly, even if the DivX Player plugin remains installed.

DISCLAIMER: the script works very well for me, but you use at your own risk. I won't be held responsible it if consumes your firstborn!

It works by detecting any embedded DivX video objects in a page and modifying them so as to favour the usage of the Windows Media Player plugin (specifically, it sets the MIME type to application/x-ms-wmp).

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Download this http://labs.divx.com/files/clean_ddm.bat

This will clear your DivX Plus Web Player cache (temporarily stored data). When it's finished it will say "Press any key to continue"

Retry DivX HiQ / DivX Plus Web Player

Solution found here: http://labs.divx.com/node/16647