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How does one clear duplicate posts of the same item that show at an RSS link?

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I subscribed to an RSS link and get duplicate, two identical in content posts for each entry. Is it possible to clear, delete all items or history of the entries/posts that show up at the RSS folder? Thanks.

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Do you mean you use Live Bookmarks - Subscribe to a web page for news and updates? Can you post the URL of the RSS feed here, it's possible the items are duplicated in the feed.

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Yes, I use Live Bookmarks.

This is the RSS http://www.ctech.com/forum/rss.php

Each of those entries at the RSS site show up in my Firefox RSS folder twice. The content of each entry when I go to it is exactly the same. It's not that one is the reply to the original post or anything like that. For instance, see the attached image of the list of items that show up. The highlighted yellow on top is an example. Both of those links display exactly the same original post and replies. Why is that? Is is possible that somehow I'm subscribed twice? Does that make sense? How can I delete the duplicates, or for that matter, clear all those items that show on the list? I just want to see the new ones. Thanks.

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Ah, I see. If you didn't change your settings, when you click on http://www.ctech.com/forum/rss.php , you should see a feed preview. It's clear that the feed does include replies. So the second "visualizing backfill in open pit" item links to the first post in the thread and the first link (the duplicate) links to the second post . Unfortunately the topic's page is not high enough; in long topics clicking a reply link would scroll to the reply.

I don't think you can control the contents of Live bookmarks folders, since it's a really basic mechanism. I recommend using a full RSS reader, like Google Reader (see some other suggestions here http://www.whatisrss.com/ )

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So is that then problem with the creator of the RSS feed, ctech.com? How can I ensure that the anchors get that missing "p"? The feed location address is: http://www.ctech.com/forum/rss.php, but that is to the whole feed and not a particular post. Thanks.

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Yeah, the problem is with the feed. Posting to the website questions section of the forum makes the most sense.

I don't know of any workarounds you can try other than reading the feed in a full-featured RSS reader, as I suggested before.