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In Firefox 63 Theming is Broken

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In Firefox 63 with the new "Match Windows Theming function" I can't get the colourful theme back.

If I set the theme to Default and Windows Theme to Light, I get the coloured tab bar. If I set the theme to Light, the tab bar is white (no matter what windows theme is selected)

However I want to configure my Windows theme to Dark and have my firefox tab bar be coloured.

It seems as though the Light theme is not the same as the default and windows light theme.

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Windows theme and firefox are different and what option is in one isn't for the other. So screen or listing where you seeing that option "matching windows theming function"?

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As of Firefox 63, Windows Theme changes the firefox theme if the Firefox theme is set to default.


  • Firefox theme now matches the Windows 10 OS Dark and Light modes
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So your going to have to show me where the dark and light modes are at? Because my O/S explorer theme and firefox theme don't look the same. But I do have a css installed as well and that is set to Light and has Dark and Default.

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Hi MoltenTesseract, some Windows 10 dark theme users have reported that Firefox doesn't property extract "accent" colors and that leads to lack of contrast. Not sure if that is what you're seeing, but if it is, you probably need to select a different Firefox theme instead of "Default".

You probably are aware of add-on themes. In addition to fanciful ones, there are numerous solid color themes for every taste:


There's also a feature called Firefox Colors which lets you assign various colors and patterns to the toolbar area:


As I lack talent in combining colors, I don't find that one as useful, but you could take a look.

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The dark theme being a little too dark is something else.

I'm saying that FF Default + Windows Light = Theme that changes colour based on Windows Accent Colour.

FF Light Theme = Blinding white that doesn't pick the colour based on Window Accent Colour.

It's not possible to have Windows set to the Dark theme and have colour accent's in Firefox.

If I want Accent Colour in Firefox, I have to set my windows theme to light.

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Hi MoltenTesseract, yes, I think what you are describing is what other dark theme users have noted in Firefox 63. It presumably will be fixed in a future update (possibly in mid-December).

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hi, you could try the following: enter about:config into the address bar (and confirm the warning notice in case it pops up). in that page then right-click somewhere and create a new integer preference named ui.systemUsesDarkTheme, set it to 0 ('zero') and restart firefox once.