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When I use "Email link", my default email opens but no link appears in it

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Windows 7, Firefox 60.0.2, Yahoo email. For the last few days, clicking on "Email link" while on a web page does result in a blank email opening in my Yahoo email program, but now there is no web page link in the body of the email.

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Do you have a separate tab yahoo email tab opened when your doing this? What your describing is confusing to understand.

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Something seems to have changed over at Yahoo, they don't extract the information Firefox is sending any more. Another thread from this morning: Email link broken in Firefox 62 for Yahoo Mail - produces blank msg; does not insert subject and link.

I'm hoping to come up with an easier workaround.

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This is an easier workaround, it's a script that grabs the title, URL and any currently selected text in the page and sends them to the currently working Yahoo mail "compose" URL. You would save it on your Bookmarks Toolbar or Bookmarks Menu as a "bookmarklet". When you click it, it runs the script. You can get it here:


Unfortunately, the selected text loses its format, so that extra feature may not be so useful. If you try it, let me know how it goes for you.