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How do I get Firefox to ask for the master password only at start-up?

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What I'm after is for Firefox to ask for the master password when Firefox starts and not an indeterminate time after Firefox starts. Yes, I use Sync. Why? I can be typing something and then an uninvited master password prompt appears and I'm suddenly typing in the password prompt box. It's annoying enough to, I believe, be seen as a bug.

There needs to be an option where if a master password is set then an option could be added to Firefox to ask for the master password before the browser actually appears on the screen.

Can this be done now? Maybe some hidden setting somewhere? There used to be a legacy plugin that could do this, but since Firefox 57 appeared, that plugin no-longer works. (It was a legacy plugin.) I also can't find anything else that can do the same job.

Who could please help me with this? I think this would also be useful to many other people and and not just me on how to do achieve this.

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Make a webpage that requires a login one of your Home Pages; that will cause Firefox to request your Master Password when that page loads - upon Firefox launch. Firefox does allow multiple Home Pages, with each opening in separate tab. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/home-page-pipe-character-opens-extra-tabs-firefox

No way to trigger when the Master Password entry dialog is requested; that is tied to the first time a webpage needs login credentials.

To my knowledge there are no WebExtension to replace those MP legacy extensions, may not be possible to create an extension like that any longer or the necessary API hasn't been created yet and may never be created.

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You can open the Password Manager to make Firefox ask for the master password.

  • Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security: Logins: "Saved Logins"