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I am getting a blue box blocking part of a page and nothing I do fixes it

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Something about Adobe Flash is blocking part of this site: Big Fish Games. I click the icon in the address bar to allow, nothing happens.

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The screen shots are in my 1/31 9:28am post. I can re post them if you want.

Thanks again

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I posted 2 screen shots on 1/31, 9:28am. I can re-post them if you need me to.

Thank you!!!

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Do you have any add-ons that change how the browser displays pages?

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This latest problem happened after I did what the 1/30/15, 5:31pm post suggested. I can find no way to reverse it. I picked the wrong background image to block, I guess. Can this be reversed?

I haven't added any add ons

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Are you talking about this;

Once the game is loaded, pause it when the blob shows up.

Mouse to the address bar and Left click the icon. A window for displaying site information should come up. Select More Information.

Now select Media. There should be a list of the elements for that page. Start at the top, select each one at a time while watching the viewer at the bottom of the page. Do any of them look like the blob?

Just above the viewer, on the left, is a check box to block the current choice.

Do the above, but turn off anything being blocked.

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Well, that is the first thing I tried to do, but there is no way to turn off anything being blocked. No option to do that. Just the option to block and then save as (which is what I did) and, of course, have no clue what I saved it as. I am now getting, just about every 2 minutes, this error, but ONLY on Firefox. Could this have something to do with it? Please see attached images.

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Remove History For One Site Open the History Manager <Control><Shift> H. In the search bar, enter the name of the site. Right click on one of the listings and select Forget About This Site. This should remove all information, including any passwords / settings.

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Sorry, FredMcD, removing history for one site. didn't work. I did that action for all the ones that came up under that name. Its a real puzzler, isn't it. Frankly, I'm more annoyed by the unresponsive script error that I keep getting.

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guigs2, I did a Firefox restore, and so far, fingers crossed, I'm not getting that unresponsive error script. However, it didn't change my original problem with the blank background.

Thanks for your help!!

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