How do I cancel my subscription to Mozilla VPN?

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At any point, you have the option to terminate your Mozilla VPN subscription. By doing so, the auto-renewal feature will be disabled and your VPN service will cease to function upon the conclusion of your subscription period.

Canceling your subscription won't delete your Firefox account. In case you don't have other Mozilla services linked to your Firefox Account and wish to delete it, check How do I delete my Firefox account? for details.

Visit your subscription settings on the Firefox accounts page or access it through the VPN app doing the following:

  1. Open Mozilla VPN.
  2. Select the Settings vpn settings icon icon.
  3. Select your username or profile.
    Select VPN user
  4. The panel that opens next displays more details about your subscription (you may have to log in first).
  5. At the bottom, select Manage subscription.
    Manage subscription VPN
  6. Your Firefox accounts subscriptions page will open.
  7. Select Cancel next to Mozilla VPN to terminate your subscription.
    Cancel VPN subscription
Note: If you purchased the Mozilla VPN subscription through Apple App Store or Google Play Store, your purchase is subject to the store's terms and conditions for terminations. Check the links below for details on how to request a refund on each platform:

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