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Why is Firefoxes Spellcheck so terrible?

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I've been using firefox for many years. It's by far my favorite browser. I love everything about it.. but the spellcheck. Firefox's spellcheck is so terrible is to the point of being a joke.

For example, in this post I'm using the work "spellcheck" but firefox is underlining it as spelled incorrectly. My options to replace it are "spell check" "spell-check" or "spellchecker"

If "spellchecker" is a word, how on earth can "spellcheck" not be? Yes, I could add it to the dictionary, but I'd need to add a large portion of the english language to get the dictionary fixed! It's that terrible. And while I'm at it, "ENGLISH" isn't in the dictionary unless its capitalized, which isn't correct because English has an entirely different meaning than english! I have a google table open constantly so that while I'm making posts I can jump over to google to check for the correct spelling of works that firefox can't recognize.

Yes, I could replace the dictionary. But why should I need to? Shouldn't one of the most popular browsers in the world default to a dictionary that actually has something of the same quality as far less popular browsers? A new dictionary wouldn't solve the most basic problem Firefox has which seems to be its complete inability to do decent pattern recognition. When you do spell a word incorrectly, it rarely has options that are even remotely related to what you're trying to spell. Again I have to jump over to google search to find the correct spelling.

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I'm sorry, it appears I double posted this question. Ignore this one, reply to the other. The registration process confused me.