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firefox prints second and subsequent pages incorrectly

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When I print a web page either directly or in its "print" format, the first page prints correctly but the second and subsequent pages print too large for the page and thus much of the information is not printed. It is not a problem with my other browser only Firefox. I am on a Mac, version 10.6.8 and am using Firefox 7.01

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Hi schwickert- I found two different articles on how to fix issues when printing web pages with Firefox:

Hope that helps!

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Fixed the problem. I followed the link to Firefox Prints Incorrectly and had to Reset All Firefox Printer Settings. I opened the "prefs.js" file and found a very long user_pref. [print.macosx.pagesetup-2", "PD94bWwgdmVyc2lvbj0iMS4wIiBlbmNvZGluZ........on and on for 15 lines] After deleting all lines that began with user_pref(print...) Firefox now prints fine. Thanks.