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can't play any vids (no error displays, just the video keeps on loading and never plays). twitter videos don't play "The media could not be played"

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On Twitter when trying to play videos, I get the error 'The media could not be played'. I can download the video using plugin Video Download Helper and play it fine from my pc.

On Howcast when clicking on a video, I see one of those 'Activate Adobe Flash' popups for a split second and then disappears. The video then just keeps on loading with the round loading circle going round and round. On other sites when the 'Activate Adobe Flash' pops up it stays there and allows me to activate Flash and then the video plays. But not on

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Confirmed Video does not play in Firefox. No problem with Win IE.

My download manager shows the clip is there, and I can Download it. Note: Right-click on player does not display type of player being used. Flash, HTML5 . . . . .

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Hi   !
Tried   and it plays just fine for me.
Would you take a look at:
Also see   'Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL'
If the solution to your problem isn't there,   we will just have to keep
looking   .......