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Firefox 29 crashes

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My Firefox browser recently underwent an automatic upgrade, and ever since then, it has been crashing repeatedly and I can't do anything with it. I've tried to make sure all the plug-ins are up-to-date, and I'd really rather not clear out my history since I don't want it to mess up my session restores. It was just fine before the update went through, so I'm not sure what changed to cause the problem.

Here are the most recent crash IDs, going back to when the problem began:

Crash ID: bp-86614925-739c-408b-806a-9a6b92140516 Crash ID: bp-00a499ea-3b88-443c-b958-5133b2140516 Crash ID: bp-58123c9b-9496-43ae-a599-ba81e2140516 Crash ID: bp-f446eb03-eb9e-4776-ac3a-474082140516 Crash ID: bp-5dfce7e6-b90f-4ac4-837d-d2f172140516 Crash ID: bp-34267282-d356-4152-9b99-a315b2140516 Crash ID: bp-f58f364f-8321-47ba-b9fc-34fdf2140516 Crash ID: bp-7c7f584c-ece8-4c02-bf1e-db3c12140516 Crash ID: bp-268e0367-d83b-4878-b09c-ce3452140516 Crash ID: bp-59ae79a2-879f-428c-8c02-33b9c2140516 Crash ID: bp-006a39a5-edc6-44f3-b16a-b2c472140515 Crash ID: bp-b56ede03-c3af-42a2-854a-c7b7f2140515 Crash ID: bp-aeeabffa-3b81-4da1-8f8e-3e6032140515 Crash ID: bp-bc160042-0b1d-46ef-b2aa-71a912140515 Crash ID: bp-478379d5-967a-4d1d-9b10-9c8d72140515 Crash ID: bp-e2349da7-48b3-46e7-a52e-52fd72140515 Crash ID: bp-091ef29d-7554-4d39-8f44-44d442140515 Crash ID: bp-7d83abf1-bf0e-4e4e-af1e-938042140515 Crash ID: bp-2c0169c8-de68-4af3-ace8-7b3692140515 Crash ID: bp-37e0f01e-c6a1-4f25-80e7-3438a2140515 Crash ID: bp-975a1e2e-c3c6-475f-aef7-57f6c2140515 Crash ID: bp-f90372a0-a330-447f-85ce-63f132140515 Crash ID: bp-d35c1f29-84c5-486a-8c19-eb4742140515 Crash ID: bp-bec2e5b2-f7c4-48cf-991c-224342140515 Crash ID: bp-153dbc09-a8e5-4304-b859-f6bc22140513 Crash ID: bp-3ceacc4c-8724-4e95-82a4-b45e02140513 Crash ID: bp-6f691adc-df53-4917-b326-4afb22140513 Crash ID: bp-92b67718-4116-42dd-8ab1-7dfad2140513 Crash ID: bp-2c0e2493-7797-4d62-84af-4c4a72140513 Crash ID: bp-d4b195ee-0a8f-4406-919e-b7d262140513 Crash ID: bp-f232f00c-5116-4852-b637-613882140513 Crash ID: bp-65621750-67e5-440c-97a6-9f9532140513 Crash ID: bp-671c758d-13fe-4cd0-b44c-52ffa2140513 Crash ID: bp-7b2bc340-679f-44b6-99f5-2fa3a2140513 Crash ID: bp-ece5dcbd-38f9-461b-8a3b-2f0ca2140513 Crash ID: bp-b282761a-ee74-4daa-beb2-51ff72140513 Crash ID: bp-6e12bc78-ae88-4131-b90a-3030d2140513 Crash ID: bp-7c54504b-94de-4284-a178-1d7a92140513 Crash ID: bp-d308ae2d-9666-4caa-bac8-a4f112140513 Crash ID: bp-b93a578a-ce4c-447d-b670-ffac52140513

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Can you try disabling hardware acceleration and see if it still crashes?

  1. Click the menu button and choose Options
  2. Select the Advanced panel and the General tab.
  3. Uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Click the menu button and then click Exit.
  5. Start Firefox the way you normally do.

More details here - Turn off hardware acceleration


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I saw that suggested to someone else, and did try it! But, sadly, no, that doesn't seem to have made any difference.

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Reading more crash reports I see two themes - graphics drivers and websites. Here are some things to try before abandoning your saved sessions:

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I too have had frequent crashes since firefox updated itself to version 29. I have Win XP SP 3 and have disabled hardware acceleration and done the reset. The program is still crashing. I have reluctantly installed google chrome as my default browser. Hopefully you can get Firefox back to a useful state again soon! Just in case it is helpful, I include the crash id's from FFX.

Report ID Date Submitted bp-a9b4e5d7-3ff4-471b-96d6-bb6a42140608 6/8/2014 10:21 AM bp-47bb708a-69ac-401a-8da4-a904d2140528 5/28/2014 11:18 AM bp-f015a720-c221-4c63-a6b8-1c19b2140520 5/20/2014 3:37 PM bp-bf54a894-6a2e-427f-945a-8f6b32140512 5/12/2014 9:20 AM bp-fae97bf2-d080-4d00-9671-0d0142140508 5/8/2014 9:07 AM 82bc43a7-b899-425d-9e65-c5137522f3c2 3/4/2014 9:28 AM b7b10886-12db-476c-b9d2-cd9e3e411ab7 2/28/2014 10:49 AM

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Does Firefox crash when you Start Firefox in Safe Mode ? {web link}

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Hi- Thanks for your suggestions. I will try running FFX in safe mode for a few days and let you know!

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bormal has created a new thread, so lets continue the discussion there.